Flat and sexy stomach, and truly sexy could turn into a calamity if you do not have determination, perseverance and, above all, a plan to follow. You’ve tried? It is well known that this area is the headache of many, but let us tell you that it is possible. And in less time than you think! Of course, it will not be easy, since you must follow these tips that we bring you below to the letter.You will achieve your flat abdomen! Don’t miss out.

Flat and sexy abdomen knows everything you have to do to achieve it.

The first thing you should consider is that to have a flat abdomen it is not enough to “kill yourself” by doing thousands of sit-ups a day. It is a common misconception that exercising a group of muscles every day is synonymous with making them grow or burning fat in that area. The exercise should be inter-daily, and even depending on the intensity, you may require up to 48 hours of rest. The reason for this is that the muscle grows in periods of rest, after a rupture occurs or what is known as hypertrophy in its tissues.

Exercise and diet, nothing better to burn abdominal fat and help you with some fat burning supplement . In addition, exercise must be accompanied by a good diet. The flat and sexy abdomen won’t come out overnight without doing reps and cardio in the gym, as the little fat you manage to burn will magically reappear after you eat those delicious late-night snacks.
That said , Food plays a very important role in making your abdomen look great. Some foods only make it ignite, or fill you with gas, such as fruits. So it is recommended to eat them only as a small snack, not in excessive quantity and less after a main dish.

Abdomen plano

As for exercise, the classic abdominals should be performed in conjunction with cardio vascular exercise. This in order for your metabolism to speed up and you can burn more fat quickly in that desired area. Remember, it is not enough to always do the same number of repetitions and intensity; Since, like any other muscle group, you must increase the weight, (if possible place dumbbells on your belly for this) so that they grow.

Combine nutrition with sports routines, and be constant, also help yourself with sports supplements as there is a great variety to choose from.

Another little trick is to avoid alcohol, since it contains calories that little by little give your abdomen that bloated look. Instead of these types of drinks, consume more water, since in addition to cleaning your body, it will give you a feeling of fullness to avoid those snacks that we all eat when we are anxious.

Lastly, let us tell you not to give up. Progress will be gradual, in a minimum of 1 or 2 months you will see results. Each aspect mentioned is important and must have a balance, so do not neglect any in order to achieve your goals.

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