By taking years and years doing things seriously, well done and training properly, we spend a lot of time and effort in the gyms every day.

If you want to guarantee that during training you are taking advantage of each series and each exercise, it is recommended that before very intense workouts you take pre-training in order to achieve the maximum level in terms of effort and in terms of results.

The No-xplode pre-workout is the best-selling pre-workout on the market when it comes to sports supplementation. Its great formula helps us achieve our goals during training and to be focused without distractions.

This pre-workout guarantees very high levels of energy that does not decline during training and thus provides us with greater intensity and greater power, all this will make the training go better than expected.

Mind and muscle connection

Any type of pre-workout and No-xplode in particular helps to generate greater concentration during training, which means that there is a greater connection between the mind and the muscle and you can get the most out of the training. It makes us totally focused on training and that there is no other distraction other than performing the exercise or series.

Hydration and Non-xplode BSN

Hydration during training will ensure that we maintain an adequate intensity. The body will need electrolytes during training and hydration will help us to recover better between sets and reduce the risk of injury, allowing the muscle tendons and the muscle itself to recover perfectly.

Once you try the No-xplode BSN pre-workout, you will never want to do a workout again without having consumed it first thanks to its beneficial effects. No-xplode BSN has creatine, this creatine provides us with greater energy, greater muscle volume and a better recovery of our muscles that will make us recover in less time. This supplement achieves greater vasodilation, greater intensity and faster recovery.

All you need to know about No-xplode BSN

This supplement may contain pieces of egg, milk or soy because its manufacture is processed by protein from soy milk and egg, and also from gluten from nuts.

It is a dietary supplement, each tablespoon has 20.5 grams, it is recommended to take between two and three tablespoons, depending on the height and weight of the person, in about 300 milliliters of water about 15-45 minutes before performing physical activity on an empty stomach if possible so that the effect is greater in our body.

It is advisable not to take No-xplode BSN three or four hours before going to sleep to avoid insomnia problems since the energy it provides is very high.

The effect of the pre-training No-xplode will be obtained in 10 and 15 minutes after having ingested it, this may vary depending on the person and the effects will be obtained 30 or 45 minutes after having ingested it. Its effects are maintained between the first hour and the fifth after taking it.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, you should start using half the recommended dose.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you suffer or have suffered from hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, anxiety, stress, liver problems, prostate, heart or mental problems, difficulty urinating or if you are under any type of medication.

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