Magnesium, a mineral that we must have in abundance.

Do you know magnesium and the amount of properties that this mineral gives us?

well this is a micronutrient, belonging to the mineral family. As we well know, micronutrients are made up of vitamins and minerals. These are essential for our body to perform all its functions correctly.

Let’s know a little more about magnesium.

To begin, we will learn about magnesium. It is a metal mineral, it constitutes a large part of the materials that make up our planet. It is essential both for the survival of our home, planet Earth, and for the preservation of all spices.

This is not in its smallest unit is not found in free elemental form. If not, it is part of other compounds such as oxides, different salts …

Magnesium, the multifunctional mineral.

As for humans, this micronutrient is one of the most essential.

Most of it, we can find it in the bones. Magnesium is of vital importance for the performance of different metabolic processes.

To generate the energy from which the muscles contract and retract constantly, we know these units of energies as ATP.

Magnesium vital for proper functioning of the nervous system.

On the other hand, magnesium is also very important for neuronal transmission processes. It will help the brain in the coordination of all nerve impulses. Therefore, a magnesium deficiency can have serious consequences for our health in our nervous system, brain, nerve endings, spine.

The absence of magnesium in abundance can increase the chances of the appearance of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Magnesium maintains neuronal balance, that is, it makes our neurons fully available to exchange information between them.

Magnesium is of vital importance for our muscles as it acts as an energizer and calmer.

Stronger and nourished muscles.

Being a muscle relaxant after training, it would be necessary not to be deficient in this mineral, since it can interfere with the proper recovery of our muscles.

An aid in the entry of nitrogen favors anabolism, that is, that our muscle mass grows.

Lack of this mineral can cause great muscle weakness. Favoring not having adequate congestion for the entry of water and nutrients to the muscle.

Its absence can also lead to insomnia. Therefore we will be in a state of tiredness and exhaustion for most of the day. This will negatively affect and we will run a few productive workouts and a worse state of the body in general.

Restful and relaxed body equals good growth.

It should be noted that magnesium also favors muscle recovery because it will help us have deeper dreams and we know that our muscle mass recovers in this period of time.

For a person dedicated to sports, magnesium is of vital importance. Carrying out the same activity promotes a decrease in magnesium levels, this is produced by sweating and perspiration caused in the training stress.

The body eliminates a large amount of minerals so they must be replaced as soon as possible.

Also, it promotes the fixation and movement of calcium. For example, for healthier teeth and for the role that calcium plays in our kidneys helping a correct purification.

On the other hand, it also helps a correct evacuation by acting as a laxative, this is perfect for people who have intestinal problems and constipation.

E magnesium is a min eral important to many of the processes that the body performs. We must never be deficient in this mineral. Taking this mineral from a nutritional supplement will help us achieve the recommended daily dose of this mineral. This way we will achieve that it performs all its functions in a much more efficient way.

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