In the twentieth century, 1940 Willian Sheldon divided into three groups according to the levels to create muscle and the levels to gain fat that we human beings have. This division was classified into three types of biotypes or bodies according to their body composition.

Types of biotypes

There are three types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Endomorphic biotypes

They have a body type that unfortunately tends to be overweight, this makes their physique not the most aesthetic as a general rule. They gain fat very easily but have enormous strength. Your metabolism is very slow. They generate high levels of fat and their levels to generate muscle mass are medium-high. Combining exercise in the gym with cardiovascular exercise will be ideal to achieve physical goals in this type of person. They need to monitor their daily caloric intake more frequently and monitor their levels of fats and hydrates.

Mesomorphic biotypes

These types of bodies have a great athletic body figure, they have a great anabolic production. Mesomorphs tend to generate more muscle mass more easily than other biotypes, this type of body has a V shape in men and an hourglass in women. They have a normal metabolism although they have to keep an eye on fat gain as they have a greater predisposition than ectomorphs. They build more muscle mass and look more muscular than other people. This combined with a good diet will make them look muscular and defined at the same time. They are considered to have good genetics as they have a high muscle level and a normal fat level within the established range. They have the perfect body for bodybuilding sports like bodybuilding.

Ectomorphic biotypes

They are people with biotypes with very thin bodies, long limbs and low weight. This type of body in most cases has a fairly accelerated metabolism. It is not easy for them to generate muscle mass for their body in addition to having a fragile appearance and with little volume and strength in the shoulders. These types of people tend to have low bone density, muscles with a tendency to be long and have little fat but at the same time little muscle mass.

Gaining little fat is a benefit but it can become a drawback if you are overconfident, since in this way we will continue to have almost zero muscle mass and we will gain abdominal fat. Gaining muscle mass in this type of body will be a bit more difficult since they tend to be thinner, but as in all time and effort they carry results. Generating little fat along with bodybuilding exercise will help you achieve toned and defined physiques.

Regardless of the biotype that you are, healthy eating together with sport will make you achieve your physical goals, effort always has results.

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