Food or diet

In this area, a multitude of doubts arise, the vast majority due to hysteria and the chaotic state that this situation can cause, but calm down, all is not lost and we must not throw everything away. The thought of some people is that if you cannot train in the gym it is not worth dieting, this is the biggest mistake because now instead of having a problem such as not training in the gym properly now you will have more, By not training in a specific way, your poor physical condition will be added to it and with which defenses and a less strong physique. Apart from the fact that it will cost twice as much to get an aesthetic physique again and in case we get sick we will have the lowest defenses due to our poor diet and with which we will fight the virus in a worse way.

And this is why the diet in these cases must be as strict as possible, since our daily movement will be limited, protein is vital in these cases, it is advisable to maintain your daily nutritional dose and even increase it by some cases to avoid muscle loss. As for carbohydrates, if you are a person who has a tendency to gain fat easily, it is recommended to reduce your dose since the energy expenditure is lower and therefore you do not need that extra in the diet so much. In the other cases they can be maintained and even reduced by a not very high percentage, in no case increase them since this would be a serious error.

Training and the way of training

The fact that the gyms are closed, the inability to train adequately or with concentration with dumbbells, on barbells with discs and on guided isolation machines is something that horrifies and disturbs the vast majority. Catabolizing for not being able to train well is undesirable, but peace of mind there are always alternatives, not to improve or continue to progress but to maintain physical condition and to continue maintaining strength. There is a wide range of variants with which to train and stimulate the muscle or part of the muscle that we want to train. If you have aids such as dumbbells, bars, discs, benches, TRX, resistant rubber they are a great help, in case you do not have these there are always workouts with your own body weight such as push-ups of all kinds, chin-ups, abs and so on. You can also manage by taking any stick you have around the house and adding weight to it, such as jugs of water or jugs of any kind in even bottles.

Here’s how to train your pectoral and triceps with practically no help:

-Warm up: joint movement

  • 1. Push-ups with one hand resting on an element and the other on the ground 4 × 10 on each side
  • 2. Push-ups one on each side both arms on the ground 4 × 10
  • 3. Decline push-ups with feet resting on some surface 4 × 15-20
  • 4. Open push-ups and low crossovers on pulleys / elastic band 4 × 15-20
  • 5. Rocking horse push-up 4 × 15-20
  • 6. Closed push-ups-Diamond push-ups 4 × 15-20
  • 7. Dips or triceps extension over the head with elastic band 4 × 15-20

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