Training to muscle failure

There is a great mythology in reference to training where we perform muscle failure, generated above all by the desire to increase quality and muscle mass or to reduce the fat percentage of our body, so that throughout our life focused When training, the definitions of muscle failure will be multiple.

Intensity, frequency and duration

If we define these different parameters within the training, the intensity would be the percentage of momentary effort with respect to the maximum that the individual can generate during the exercise, the frequency would be the number the number of workouts in a given space of time, weider and Frequency 2 are the most used in fitness, and the duration would be the total time that a daily workout lasts. If you could measure the momentary intensity during the exercise, it would be seen that at the beginning of the exercise it would have very low levels but that as the series progresses the intensity will increase.

As we increase the intensity of the training, the stimulus that we generate to our body to increase strength, resistance or flexibility is greater depending on the objective that is being sought. When it comes to strength, if we are able to bring the muscle to the maximum intensity that it is capable of supporting, regardless of the duration of the series or whether they perform 5 or 10 repetitions, we would be talking about muscle failure, which is the point. where it is impossible for us to perform one more repetition in that series, so to avoid injuries or bad movements, we could require the help of a partner.

Train for muscle failure

The training in which we perform muscle failure is a hard type of training, which demands great effort and great willingness (will and ability to suffer) and that is why it is so productive.

If you finish a set before reaching muscle failure you are working within your body’s capacity, and it will only grow above current levels of strength and size if there is sufficient cause to make it grow. If you are able to perform 10 repetitions with a certain weight during a series and you stay at eight, you will only be able to maintain your level of strength and muscle volume, at no time will it increase as we want. And for this, the number of series or repetitions that are done will not matter, since the effects will be insufficient. No low intensity training and light weight training will stimulate increased strength. Or what is the same, no performance of the exercise below your physical possibilities will achieve the benefits that are sought with muscle failure.

Muscle failure workouts are very hard and at the same time can be very dangerous, since the muscle is tired and the body loses coordinative capacities that allow us to execute the movement with total confidence and security. To do this, we must perform an intense warm-up, gradually increasing the load levels and knowing when our body and muscles can perform the movement with a greater or lesser load. This is why an advanced level of training is required, as well as the presence of someone who can help us in a committed moment, taking into account that the loads with which we perform the training exercises are very high.

Rest time is also important in this and all types of training. For this reason, to apply the maximum intensity possible in the exercise, you must rest between series for a prescribed time and not go beyond that time frame to achieve the goal.

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