Zinc as a natural anabolic. Benefits and properties.

Today we are going to talk about a micronutrient, belonging to the mineral family. It is a mineral that is characterized by its great diversity of properties for the body. In fact this mineral is tremendously valued in the fitness sector, thanks to its qualities to promote the development and growth of our muscle mass. The mineral we are referring to is zinc.

The Zinc Present in all living beings.

It is an element that we can find present in all living beings. The amount that our body needs is rather small, but despite little presence, it is essential for the proper development of our metabolism.

Zinc can be found and consumed through food. Present in abundance in red meat and seafood, although we can also find it in vegetables and greens. The problem with introducing it through vegetables is that it is more difficult for our enzymes to absorb. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain it through lean meat and fish.

One way to be covered with the adequate daily dose of zinc is by taking a nutritional supplement that facilitates its consumption. Taking this supplement will ensure obtaining all the beneficial properties of this mineral, to get the most out of it.

Zinc promotes the increase of testosterone and the release of growth hormone.

Zinc consumption has increased in recent years by athletes from all sports disciplines. The reason, its great properties for our body and helps to increase our performance in training.

Most zinc consumers use it for its properties as a natural anabolic. Zinc is a great ally to promote the greater secretion of testosterone. The release of this hormone will be of great help to us for maximum protein assimilation and absorption, therefore anabolism, the growth of our muscles will be guaranteed.

This mineral also has the ability to increase the secreted dose of growth hormone (HGh). A greater segregation in this way will always help us increase muscle hypertrophy and body strength. Insulin growth factor (IGF1) will also benefit. Our body will be able to be more resistant to shooting the insulin peaks released. Therefore, we will keep diseases such as diabetes, obesity …

On the other hand, we can control and maintain our body fat levels. The development of the above functions together with its ability to control our insulin levels will keep our metabolism constantly accelerated.

Zinc together with copper are responsible for our having a more powerful and strong muscle mass. 

Having abundant levels of zinc in the body ensures that we have a strengthened immune system. This will make it possible to be less prone to developing diseases more easily. Our wounds heal faster and infections are less progressive.

The fight against these pathogens and antibodies ensures a less weak body by delaying the onset of fatigue. We feel more energetic to carry out our exercises and daily activity.

Improves the intestinal tract

A correct intake of zinc favors a better intestinal tract. We will improve the absorption of nutrients and reduce the chances of suffering any symptoms of an incorrect digestive process; diarrhea vomiting feeling bloated.

Better absorption of nutrients is always synonymous with better protein anabolism, since the assimilation and absorption of a greater amount of proteins will favor the entry of nitrogen into our muscles and therefore to maximum muscle development.

Control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels with Zinc.

Zinc also has antioxidant properties, therefore it prevents problems related to our circulatory system. It allows an improvement in the oxygenation of our blood and its flow through the bloodstream, therefore it will help us reduce our levels of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This property is perfect to avoid related problems such as hypertension, clot formation, obstruction in the arteries …

One last piece of information that must be taken into account is not to exceed the recommended range. A high dose of zinc can be seriously harmful to the body. Being able to suffer serious poisoning. In addition, the symptoms of such poisonings will appear after a relevant time.


As a final conclusion, zinc is a mineral that provides us with great qualities for our body. Its great properties to promote the development of our muscle mass are responsible for its consumption increasing daily. In addition, with a controlled dose, it ensures an improvement in our immune system and glucose control. It is a mineral to take into account in our lives.

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