In Europe we have always tried to imitate and learn from the type of workouts and diets that are done in the USA since it is the cradle of fitness and body-building. The greatest reference in this world is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who marked a before and after and marked the steps to follow to achieve a muscular and aesthetic physique. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the star of several films where he showed off his huge muscles, this was a great boost for ordinary people who started training in gyms and thus get strong arms.

Arnold had strong and big arms, this together with training and seeing that great results were achieved reason to continue and that the world of body-building grew in an incredible way.

Make your arms grow

Basic exercises such as the bench press, military press, deadlift and multi-joint exercises are exercises that help us improve large muscles such as the pectoral, shoulders and back but in which the arm muscles also intervene ( biceps and tricpes). These exercises will help us to grow both large muscles and small muscles since they intervene frequently, they are exercises which we can do with large loads.

Not all muscles grow or recover at the same speed, for example from an arm workout you can recover after 48 hours and instead a back workout you need 72 hours to recover to the fullest. The speed with which we grow our muscles depends on the type of training, the intensity applied, the volume of work, its recovery, the genetic factor, and the frequency with which you train that muscle. The best thing if you want to grow a lagging muscle is that you train it frequently 2, during the week train it twice.

Rarely will you see someone with an incredible upper torso and very small legs, as leg training also helps us improve parts of the upper torso in addition to the legs.

Our strength and good technique in the exercises for biceps and triceps, concentrating the part of the muscle to the maximum will make us work in better shape and obtain better results.

We will make the arms grow and hypertrophy with specific exercises for them and trying to concentrate and work to the maximum the part of the muscle that we want to train and grow.

Arm muscles are divided into biceps and triceps.

Biceps has two parts, there is a short head which is usually worked with exercises where the elbows move forward, and the long head where exercises are performed where the elbows are back with respect to the body.

Triceps have three parts, a long head where many exercises are performed behind the neck and with the inclined bench, lateral head exercises are performed with the flat bench, middle head are usually exercises such as back kick, extensions on pulleys.

Basic exercises of biceps

  • Bicep curl
  • Concentrated bicep curl
  • Hammer
  • Curl scoot
  • Preacher Curl
  • Biceps curl on pulleys

Basic exercises of triceps

  • French Press
  • Press closed
  • Closed funds
  • Back kick
  • Triceps Pulley Extensions
  • Behind the neck triceps extensions

Make your arms grow by training at maximum intensity, greater concentration for greater stimulation, good recovery and with an adequate volume of work.

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