The time of muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

A good recovery is key if our goal is to gain muscle, for it is very important to have balanced training days, exercises, rest between series, daily nutrition, daily rest and frequency of muscle training in this way we will obtain the physical objectives expected. This will cause the muscle cells to have an optimal recovery, reduce the chances of injury and together with an intense training the muscle fibers grow to the maximum.

You usually train around four to six days a week, following a training frequency in which you leave several days off to be able to retrain that muscle group with maximum strength and power. To do this, you will train with a Weider frequency (training frequency 1 in each muscle during the week) or frequency 2 (training frequency 2 in the most lagging muscles during the week). Along with a good diet and optimal rest, the recovery of our muscles after an intense hypertrophy training is between 48 and 72 hours.

Key factors in recovery

The rest between sets during training will mark the recovery at that time, it must be taken into account that both resting 10 seconds and trying to do the exercise again at the same repetitions with the maximum load and resting 10 minutes will be harmful , one because the muscle will not have rested enough and thereby increasing the risk of injury, and two because a long rest between sets will not benefit muscle mass gain. An optimal rest in small muscle groups would be between one and a minute and a half, and in large muscle groups between a minute and a half and two minutes in hypertrophy workouts Good nutrition, resting 8-10 hours a day and an adequate training method It will mark the muscle recovery time after training.

Lap after injury

In this phase several things will vary, such as training and muscle recovery. The training will change due to the coming of a time of physical inactivity, you have to go little by little, over time you should train with more intensity, introduce after a couple of weeks of training routine where almost all or all the muscles have been worked Body workouts focused on several specific muscle groups and gradually increase the training volume. Muscle recovery tends to last longer, the stiffness tends to be stronger, with time everything balances out.

The overtraining

Muscle grows when you rest. If the goal is to gain muscle mass, you cannot train a muscle four to five times during the week with maximum intensity, this will only increase the risk of injury, have a poor recovery, not increase muscle mass and that there is frustration for not achieving the desired objectives. Recommended for athletes Oxymetholon-Injektion kaufen Train with maximum intensity, with specific workouts, eat well and rest for the best results.

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Supplementation such as glutamine is an extra help that what you do is that our recovery is better and we obtain benefits from it.

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