Take it to the next level with Tribulus terrestris

Before knowing what tribulus terrestris is and what it works for, we will focus on giving a brief review of the virility hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone, the male hormone par excellence.

Testosterone, we all know it as the male hormone par excellence, although it is also released by women in much lesser amounts. In men, it is largely released in the testicles. In the case of women, this function takes place in the ovaries. Maintaining high levels of testosterone is synonymous with good health.

We propose you to know a nutritional supplement that will help you increase the secreted levels of this hormone. Tribulus terrestris.

High testosterone levels mean good health in many ways. Apart from the sexual sphere and our libido. We will show optimal levels of Testosteron undecanate that will help us to have a much better mood, be more optimistic and improve our self-confidence. It will also help us to perform better in physical activities, promoting anabolism, protein absorption and strengthening our bone system. We will maintain lower levels of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing the possibility of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Tribulus terrestris, a very powerful plant.

Tribulus terrestris is a plant native to India, although we can currently find it in a wide variety of geographical locations. This plant survives in cold climates such as Southeast Europe, South Africa, South Asia, and North Australia. Although it is also capable of surviving in almost desert climates. In not very fertile soils without mineral wealth.

For starters, tribulus terrestris has long been used in traditional oriental medicine. In India it is always used as a powerful aphrodisiac, in order to improve fertility. In China it was used for urinary problems, purifying the kidneys, favoring the drainage of toxic substances.

Tribulus is characterized by enhancing endogenous testosterone secretion. This is the reason why it has achieved great popularity and is so in demand, mainly by athletes.

This nutritional supplement increases our testosterone production, benefiting from a multitude of properties:

Supports anabolism by taking tribulus.

It acts as a powerful natural anabolic. in other words, a product that increases the entry of nitrogen gas into the cell. Favoring protein absorption and assimilation. This is synonymous with lean muscle growth.

Increase in LH (lutropin), and FSH (follitropin) these are the precursors of the production of endogenous testosterone and the increase and quality of sperm in men. Therefore, it is an ally to improve fertility.

Another important trait, the bone marrow will work better and make more red blood cells. Thus improving the transport of nutrients to the different organs of the body.

It will also increase the production of white blood cells, that is, it helps our immune system to be in perfect condition. Having much stronger and more powerful defenses at the organic level.

You have a good immune system.

Many athletes claim higher performance and energy, faster recovery after physical activity.

The increase in natural testosterone is very beneficial for athletes as it will improve protein synthesis absorption. The uptake of a greater amount of protein by our muscle cells will notably favor the growth of lean muscle mass.

It also helps to increase the levels of DHEA known as the hormone of eternal youth. Dehydroepiandrosterone, in optimal levels, ensures good sexual health, increasing our libido and fertility. Also, it has properties to delay aging.

Our body will maintain adequate levels of glucose and cholesterol in our blood, reducing possible hypoglycemia and related diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

Our immune system will also be strengthened since tribulus Terrestris favors the production of more white blood cells. Thus increasing our defenses.

Tribulus terrestris, the multifunctional plant.

This supplement can also help the manufacture of red blood cells or red blood cells, helping to transport nutrients to all the organs of our body through the blood, this will promote a better recovery after exercise.

In conclusion, enjoying high levels of testosterone will provide us with great benefits for the body. You will improve your quality of life in many aspects, physical, mental and sexual. Tribulus terrestris is a great option that should not be lacking in your supplementation.

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