We all know how difficult it is to lose weight, we diet many times in our lives and we end up fed up with dieting without having managed to lose weight. We look for the miraculous diet especially in summer or on vacation. The clothes do not end up entering the belly, the ass or the legs. In the end, liposuction, cavitation and taking the miraculous products that are advertised as the last remedy to lose weight come to mind, and in reality many of them don’t.

We are going to settle down, because at this moment I am going to give you a remedy that if you do not deceive yourself will make you lose weight and more than lose weight, stylize and shape your figure.

What to know is to lose weight:

If we practice sports regularly, we lose weight and our health improves.

Eating fewer calories will lose weight.

If we lead a sedentary life, we gain weight and increase body fat levels.

If we eat calories excessively, we will accumulate them as fat.

The human body is not a certain science, since the body is designed to adapt to almost everything, so we have to take into account that when we stop eating a lot the body gets used to it and the little it eats absorbs it, it is In other words, our metabolism gets used to it and metabolic output drops.

If you eat very little and a few times a day in a sustained manner, your metabolism decreases and you lose little or no weight.

If you eat properly and more than 3 times a day, the metabolism is maintained or rises and therefore you can lose weight. Ideally, eat 5 to 6 times a day to keep your basal metabolism active and thus achieve spending more calories while resting.

Muscle weighs more than fat, when we start to do things correctly and to exercise, it can happen that we put on kilos instead of taking them off, so many times it is not the weight but the clothes or the meter that will help us to indicate that everything is going good.

Fourth, our internal beauty is more important, many dietary problems are derived from the frustration of the struggle between the utopian image and ours.

After this introduction we are going to take a series of steps that are infallible if followed strictly.
Tips to lose weight safely:


More important than eating little is to eradicate from the diet what is superfluous or what only serves to put calories without more.

This means that saturated fats must be removed (non-lean pork, bacon, cakes, excess sugar, whole milk, nuts….).

Our food should have protein: lean chicken fillets, fish, turkey, veal, skim milk and egg whites.

Our food should have carbohydrates: rice, pasta, root vegetables … nothing that has pure refined sugar (cakes …). Vegetables and vegetables daily also have fiber. Fruits that have a lot of sugar should be limited: peach….

Our food can have fats: olive oil … the rest of the fats are just enough to cook proteins or carbohydrates. No bacon, no prey with streaks of fat (Iberian prey, secret…). The ham is good but without bacon.


Once we have mentalized and changed our way of eating, we will calculate the calories we need to live according to our age and weight. And that amount will take 250 calories. Any diet that reduces more calories can be dangerous or uncomfortable for our lives. Remember that slow and sustained fights are better than going crazy without eating. You must also remember that when calories are lowered a lot and metabolism is maintained, our body will get used to it and our sacrifice will no longer be effective. By the way, you have to eat more than 4 times a day.


Diet by itself is not effective; exercise must be added. But not just any exercise, the best way to lose fat is aerobic exercise. In other words, that continuous exercise that involves the use of our entire body and allows us to breathe. Activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobic, step, dance … ..

In addition to that, it must be remembered that this exercise to be effective must last at least more than 30 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes.

Exercise must be gentle and allow us to breathe or carry on a conversation. Sweating and running like a mule is not good, you spend calories but you don’t burn fat.

Example to lose fat is better to travel 4 km walking at a good pace than running at full speed.

An easy way to get aerobic exercise is to leave the car. Park far away or use it as little as possible, use the stairs instead of the elevator.


A few muscles that influence the stimulus to lose weight are the abdominals. They cause a change in the shape of the body, the clothes fit better and stimulate and reinforce the previous measures.

Remember that the abdominals must be done correctly, not with the neck, which can be injured.

Sit-ups have to be done every other day.

What to do (at first do not force to do less than what it says if you can not):

Abdominal twists on a stool, with a broomstick around the neck (50 times)

Lie down and raise your legs a little, do not force your neck (4 sets of 10)

Lying down and lifting the trunk, do not strain the neck (4 sets of 10)

Lying on your stomach and lifting hands, arms, knees and feet; bending the back so that they do not touch the ground (4 sets of 10).


As a final point to improve our figure is the use of weights. Exercises for the whole body, arms, shoulders, legs, back, chest, etc. They shape the body and increase metabolism so you consume more and lose fat.

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