Muscle training, what are the steps to follow

Muscle training is that which is normally carried out in the gym by lifting weights or bars with discs, extensions on pulleys, guided machine exercises and others, with the aim of gaining muscle mass and achieving a strong, aesthetic physique and healthy. All this must be related to a caloric surplus and a healthy diet, in this way we will be able to gain muscle and build a physique with a very good muscular structure.

For all this to happen, we will train at maximum intensity, with the greatest possible weight in each exercise and respecting the rest times in which we will recover to the maximum to perform the other series and other exercises.

There are many types of training such as hits, endurance and others, this article will explain the order of exercises in a training based on hypertrophy. It should be noted that each training has to be accompanied by a good hydration, before, during and after it to avoid fatigue and fatigue, recover as best as possible and avoid the risk of injury.

Order of exercises

In any type of training it is possible to gain muscle mass accompanied by a volume or surplus in your meals, but hypertrophy training is the most suitable, the fastest and most effective, with which you will achieve better results and with the you’re not going to get stuck.

This type of training consists of performing exercises between 12 and 8 repetitions in each series, this can vary in some exercise between 14 and 6 repetitions, in which the rest times will depend on the muscle group that we are training. Large muscle group (chest, back, leg and some shoulder exercises) 90-120 seconds. Small muscle group (biceps, triceps and some shoulder exercises) 60-90 seconds.

In hypertrophy, basic exercises are performed, such as the bench press or the military press, apart from exercises with the aim of locating the part of the muscle that we want to work, such as extensions in the triceps rope or closed row on guided machine.

We start working on heavy basic free exercises, from there we continue working with heavy exercises varying free and not free with the search for the part of the muscle we want to work and finally ends with more guided exercises in search of a greater concentration and greater muscle congestion.

In this type of training it is also possible and should be to perform biseries of one or more exercises between 8 and 12 repetitions each exercise and with which each series, triseries of an exercise between 8 and 12 repetitions each series, and so on. mentioned only one exercise between 8 and 12 repetitions.

Next we will give you an example of a workout and its order of exercises


Warming up the chest

1- Bench press 4 × 10,10,8,8

2- Incline dumbbell press 4 × 14-14,12-12,10-10,8-8 in descending series

3- Decline press 4 × 10,10,10,10

4-Inclined openings and machine openings in biserie 4 × 12-12,12-12,10-10,10-10

5- Crossing of pulleys and flat press in biserie machine 3 × 10-1o, 10-10,10-10

We have already mentioned that training must be accompanied by a good diet and good hydration, this hydration can and must be accompanied during training by some type of carbohydrate to continue having glycogen stores full and in this way avoid fatigue and achieve a better recovery between sets and after training.

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