Vitamin C is vital for a healthy body.

Today we are going to introduce you to one of the most important vitamins. This is vitamin C. Our body can never be deficient in it, it can cause serious consequences for our health.

Vitamin C is a micronutrient. Micronutrients are made up of vitamins and minerals. These play a vital role for our body.

Vitamin C must always be present in our body.

Foods are subjected to chemical alterations after their cooking process. Causing a decrease in the quantity and quality of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Taking it from a supplement will help us balance the balance on the deficiencies to which we are subjected.

Is vitamin C so important?

Vitamin C is of vital importance for different metabolic processes that occur in our body. This vitamin is easily soluble in water and therefore we can eliminate excesses without any problem and without accumulating in fatty areas such as viscera.

Vitamin C is ideal for all types of people, athletes or non-practitioners of any physical activity. T has a very important function within our body. It is responsible for increasing the quantity and quality of our white blood cells. Trait very important when it comes to having a healthy immune system, increasing our defenses. Important to be able to fight against colds, colds, fevers …

Another of the most important functions of vitamin C, together with some of the group b and iron, is the correct formation of hematocrits or red blood cells. In charge of transporting oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Thanks to this oxygenation and transport of nutrients, we will obtain correct muscle congestions in our workouts.

Favors the formation of red blood cells.

Good cellular oxygenation is also reflected in a lack of problems in our bone system. It will help us to absorb calcium.

Calcium is very important to strengthen our bones and tendons, in its absence we could have injuries to our locomotor system more easily

These functions will play a great role in combating the problems of anemia. This is manifested by a lack of oxygenation of the tissues and in the long run can result in a serious disease.

Vitamin C can be found in a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. This is more present in many fruits, but above all, in kiwi, orange and lemons. But for optimal vitamin C we should take it in supplement form; pills or capsules.

Taking vitamin C in supplement helps us maintain glucose levels.

One more advantage of taking vitamin C in supplement is the elimination of glucose from fruits. This will be ideal for a person who is in a process of losing fat or who wants to show good muscle quality.

We would need to consume disproportionate amounts of these fruits to not be lacking in this vitamin, which would contribute to a high glucose consumption.

The absence of vitamin C in our body can make us much more likely to acquire certain diseases.

Lack of vitamin C can be a cause of Scurvy.

Scurvy begins to manifest itself through a series of symptoms in our skin layer. We can show a whiter skin tone and with the appearance of sores. Our body will also look much more tired and fatigued. It will take a lot of work and energy to do your daily activity normally.

A prolonged time of the organism exposed to this disease can lead to very serious consequences and even the death of the person.

In conclusion, a n body deficient in vitamin C can lead to various symptoms and general malaise.

Its absence can lead to very serious diseases that can endanger the functioning of our body.

Supplementation with vitamin C will help our body not suffer deficiencies to have a much stronger and more resistant locomotor system.

We will also ensure that our body is strengthened thanks to the protection of an immune system that will act as a barrier against serious diseases.

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